The Wongai Lands Map

Wongai Lands sketch map

The Wongai Lands sketch map (p. xviii) is drawn from a perspective provided by Google Earth corresponding to 1300 Km above the Indian Ocean looking east, overlaid with historical data on the Karonie and other sidings along the Trans Australian Railway. Insets are not to scale.

The original screen capture of the Google Earth view was also overlaid with Australian federal electorate data which had just been used to confirm that the authors both live within Dr Carmen Lawrence’s then, and Melissa Parkes’s now, electorate of Fremantle.

Google Earth view used as basis for Wongai Lands sketch map

This view was captured with “Pointer 29°36'25.73" S 119°40'07.30" E” and “Eye alt. 1303.69 km”, with credits and 2007 copyrights to MapData Sciences Pty Ltd, PSMS, Terra Metrics, Europa Technologies, NASA and Google.